Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Carnival, carnival!

Time for the Monday evening edition of various carnivals. For those new readers, a blog carnival is simply a bunch of blog posts on different blogs that all share some idea or theme. The carnival posting is one post that lists links to all the other blogs who have posted on that topic.

First up, some laughter with the Carnival of Kids. This one features various kid-related topics, usually with many pictures of kids being kids.

The Tarheel Tavern is supposed to be at Billy the Blogging Poet, but as of Monday evening, I can't find it. Did I miss it? Did no one else participate this week?

UPDATE: Thanks to Slowly She Turned, the Tarheel Tavern has been located! Hooray!

One of the newest carnivals, and quickly becoming one of my personal favorites, is the Carnival of Liberty. This carnival attempts to highlight posts about liberty in all sorts -- from news to progress, to destruction of. A big pile of entries there, too.

The Homespun Bloggers have a weekly carnival highlighting some question of some importance. This week they asked if we were winning the war on terror.

That's all I've got for this week -- a number of carnivals seem to have vanished, or I just can't locate the posts for the week -- education, vanities, and a couple more.

Oh, and I almost forgot -- for the newest entries into the blog world, please do go and see the New Blog Showcase Carnival! These are new people who have new blogs, who really appreciate new readers.

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