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I'm working on the next layout that will appear for this blog. I know that there are still about 20% of the readers of the blog that view using 800x600 settings on their monitor. I usually use 1280x1024. I know there are many blogs that simply do not fit on an 800x600 screen -- they are too wide and you have to scroll horizontally to see all the blog.

I hate having to make the blog fit in only 800x600 when there really is so much extra space out there. I'm seriously considering making 2 different designs, one for people with the 800x600 layout and one for people with larger screens. For you who use 800x600, do you care? Does it matter to you that you have to scroll horizontally on some blogs? Would you tend to visit a place less or do you avoid blogs that are too wide to fit on your screen? Do you just accept the fact that you are using a small screen and you expect to scroll horizontally often?

Thank you for your input.

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