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I hope that there are days in which new readers who have never seen these pages nor my writing appear and start reading. For those of you who are new and are seeing some strange and rather odd-seeming posts. These are often related to The Alliance. I described The Alliance a number of months ago, but since (I hope) there are new readers since then, a brief introduction seems in order:

From the Duties and Responsibilities Page:

The goal of the Alliance is to replace Instapundit as the biggest thing in the blogosphere by means of links, hits, and humor, thereby helping Alliance members evolve upward through the Ecosystem .

To help accomplish this, various members of the Alliance attempt to promote traffic and links to other members, through various exercises and blogrolls. Down the left side of this blog, you can see the now rather huge Alliance blogroll -- these are all other blogs that are participating.

In my opinion, one of the most fun things about being in the Alliance is the Alliance assignments. Twice weekly, on Wednesday & Friday nights, the home page of the Alliance is updated with new assignments. Once it is the "Filthy Lie," and the other day it is the "Precision Guided Humor." You can spot those posts of mine by looking for strange and obscure references to Evil Glennn (most of the time) and other silly answers to questions (occasionally at other times and in other posts, too!) -- usually there's a link somewhere back to the Alliance as well.

So, if you want to have some fun, join a fun group of bloggers, and have more subjects to write about (keeps that writer's block at bay pretty well), head on over to the Alliance and read about How To Join. If you have other questions, see the FAQ page.

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