Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Frank J.?

This week The Alliance has quite a different question. Usually they ask about the goings-on of one evil Glennn Reynolds (oh, he IS evil). We here at Ogre's View often send our staff on crack crack staff out to dig up some dirt. However, this week, they are more curious about some person named "Frank J." Seeing as the staff really didn't have anything else to do since the pot plants haven't finished growing.

The staff stumbled out into the light of day, some after quite a night. They quickly ran back for the cover of darkness. However, as soon as they returned to their computers, the found clear and convincing evidence that one Frank J. had been sabotaging Harvey's Computer. Is it possible that this Frank J. of IMAO fame could actually be in league with the one and only evil Glennn?

Then the staff uncovered some really damming evidence of some collusion between the evil One and this Frank J.. It's pretty serious, and posted at evil Glennn's site by evil Glennn! You should see this one.

Update: It seems that the link above has mysteriously been removed from the evil Glennn site. Look, after finding evidence that suddenly disappears and watching evil Glennn start hacking Alliance sites, I'm scared. The staff is running for Friendlies and some Fribbles...

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