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Evil Glennn stole my evil glennn quote! No, really!

I made my changes at the beginning of the month, just like normal. I put the new layout in place, made some minor adjustments, then sat back to admire my handiwork before I moved all the blogrolls code. Then I noticed it -- my Evil Glennn quote was gone. Missing. Absolutely no sign of it.

So, I did what all computer geek web designers do, I simply cursed, finished my pop-tart, popped another can of Mountain Dew, and went back to the code. I thought for a moment, then came up with a brilliant, brand-new evil Glennn quote. I posted it on the source, saved it, and republished it. As I finished off the Mountain Dew, I watched the page load with expectation. The quote appeared!

I went to the fridge and got another Mountain Dew and tried to up my hit count by hitting the "refresh" button (my mind blocking out the 1/2-hour limit for hits to count) -- the quote was gone! I refreshed AGAIN, and it was still missing. Well, maybe I had not saved or rebuilt the site correctly. Back to the site, check the quote -- nope, it's missing. Put it back in, save again, republish, throw away empty Mountain Dew, then back to previewing the site. Bam -- quote is there, everything is OK.

I got up to pee, came back and hit refresh (after grabbing another Mountain Dew). The quote was gone again! I checked the access logs and found this interesting entry:

Domain Name: INSTAPUNDIT.COM Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: NS.HMDNS.NET Name Server: NS2.HMDNS.NET Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK Updated Date: 08-apr-2004 Creation Date: 23-may-2001 Expiration Date: 23-may-2006

So evil Glennn is now apparently expanding his empire, attempting to assimilate and steal all the miscellaneous Alliance evil Glennn quotes! Alliance members, keep a close eye on YOUR quote -- the war has just escalated!

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