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It seems the tables have turned to the other hand these days in politics. When Clinton got involved in various quagmires like Somalia, et al., it was the Republicans claiming he had no exit strategy (and he didn't -- he honestly planned to leave troops as long as the UN wanted them). However, as the shoe is on the other hand now, it's the Democrats who are whining about the "exit strategy" in the newly-freed-from-a-dictator Iraq.

Since there are also now allegedly "right-wing" media touring the area, we decided to have some of our "friends" in the military apply a few selected bugs to a few members of the "embedded" media to record some of the goings on. Here's a few transcripts, accurately recorded word-for-word, as transcribed by the fully trained team of typewriter monkeys:

File Transcript #069B...
"ooOoooH, Yes! Oh Akbar"

Whoops. Sorry. Wrong transcript. Let me get the other ones.

File Transcript #2144L
"Ok, ali-shek kanid, you paying attention? You stand behind me while I shoot the law rocket at the infidels...right behind me. Then my exit strategy is to run really fast back the way we came."

File Transcript #007C
"You, camera-boy infidel -- you stand over there and take picture. I stand over here and shoot gun at other infidels and you take picture of me. My gun, blessed be the 72 virgins, can shoot that infidel tank if I have faith. My exit strategy is to join the 72 virgins before tea time this afternoon."

File Transcript #L0053r
"Heysha. You fellahs over there. Hey! I'm a Knnnnnnidy, you know? Lemme tell ya bout exshet shrashetys. First thing, yoush gotta do is get ouddada car BEFORE it falls off the bridghe..."

Whoops. Sorry, I keep getting these transcripts mixed up...

File Transcript #871T
"You know, our Great Master Saddam had an exit strategy, too. It was go out through the opening in the top of his hole. That's pretty much all he had for his exit strategy, but clearly it worked! He got to go out his hole, didn't he?"

File Transcript #6962
"I hear tell that 'ol Great Satan, Jr., America's cursed black African President had an exit strategy, too -- but he couldn't find any tissues in the whole oval office for that darn dress..."

File Transcript #332Q
"Hey, you guys see what this paper says? Lemme read it to you: 'Exit Strategy #1: When America starts building up armies around, please ship this crate immediately to S.Hussein, 32 West Front Street, Damascus, Syria.' "

Well, there you have it. Actual transcripts of exit strategies currently in use, or already used...

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