Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Kenny Rogers Penalty

In this week's Homespun Blogger Symposium (XXVII), the question is:

Is the penalty imposed by Major League Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, appropriate for the infraction?

Please address the problem with professional athletes seemingly to think that they are above the law and untouchable when it comes to their on and off field conduct.

$50,000? For a Major League Baseball player? That's like $10 to you and I. That's not really a fine, any more than you and I are "fined" when paying a fee to park your car in a parking deck downtown.

20 games? That's pretty severe. For a pitcher, however, that's only about 4 games. Still, that's a heavy penalty. Heck, you can do drugs, get a DUI, or even participate in murdering someone and get less of a penalty (certainly in the NFL, anyway).

I've seen the video footage. The whole thing is crap. The reporters were idiots. The story about being "treated at the hospital" is only there for cash. Yes, I'm sure that the reporter will get paid large sums of money, and if he's not, he will sue for millions. If there were justice, Kenny Rogers could sue the rockheads for harassment.

Yes, I know public sports figures are held to different standards. The only reason Rogers should not have done this is because he WILL be sued for piles of cash. If the reporters weren't two feet away from him AFTER HE TOLD THEM TO STAY AWAY, there wouldn't have been any trouble. I'm no celebrity, but if you're filming me from two feet away, I'm shoving your camera too.

The media does not have the right to harass anyone. The first amendment does not say that anyone can go anywhere for any reason and do anything in the name of free speech.

Unfortunately, today it is about money, as it always is. Anyone who has money (Rogers) will be a huge target for anyone who doesn't (reporters).

Assault? For shoving someone? Total B.S.

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