Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Programming Note

Ah, a new month, a new design.

What do you mean, nothing's changed?

Ok, you're right.

The new month has arrived, but the blog layout is just the same as it's been all month long. I am truly sorry for those who absolutely cannot stand this layout. However, for those who aren't regular readers, The Ogre is off on vacation. Yes, this post was written weeks ago!

So the new layout is ready, but although I could find a way to have posts appear magically while I'm gone, I couldn't find a way to automatically change the layout for the new month. Well, that's not entirely true -- I'm sure I COULD find a way to make that happen, but then I wouldn't be around to watch everyone's reaction -- or to make minor repairs to anything that didn't work just right.

I'll tell you the new layout is named the "drainpipe" layout. It's vertical again, I don't think I'll try this horizontal layout -- it is abnormal and violates many design rules. The new layout IS ready, and it will be in place as soon as I return, in the next few days or so. In fact, one way you'll be able to tell I've returned is that the layout will change. It will probably be July 4th or 5th.

And Boudicca's been helping me make plans for the blog layout change that should show up in August...

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