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The ACLU (Anti-American Communist Lawyer's Union) hates religion. They would suppress any form of public religious expression, especially Christian, if they had their way. If you support the ACLU, you are supporting hatred of religion, whether you like it or not. Their goal honestly is total suppression of all religion. However this nation was founded on religion.

Did you know that the VERY FIRST Act of the first Continental Congress in 1774 was a motion to pause for a prayer? The motion passed (obviously) and it was actually a Jewish prayer that was read -- Psalm 35.

On December 11, 1776, The newly formed United States Congress invited states to celebrate a national day of fasting and humiliation to beg God's pardon for the actions of the people of the new country.

George Washington ORDERED soldiers to begin each day with a public prayer.

During the Jefferson administration, the largest church service in the country was held in the U.S. Capital Building.

If you are religious, the ACLU hates you. Do not support them. Do not believe their lies. This great nation was founded on religion, no matter who tells you otherwise.

Today is the Stop the ACLU Blogburst. Head on over there to read more about the horrible organization.

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