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A bill has been introduced in the North Carolina House, and you will likely find it rather hard to believe it's even needed. The bill is HB1545, titled "The Freedom To Serve Act." The meat of the text of the bill reads as follows:

It shall be unlawful for any officer of either house of the General Assembly, or any party caucus officer or whip in either house of the General Assembly, to coerce, dictate, or otherwise force a member of either house of the General Assembly to vote for or against any legislative measure in exchange for a promise of funding of projects or promises of other items. Such legislative action is against the public policy of North Carolina because it prevents members from serving their constituents or fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of their office.

Can you even imagine that such a law would be required? The first portion of the bill outlines the need for it:

Whereas, an unhealthy precedence has been set in previous sessions of the North Carolina General Assembly resulting in publicly elected representatives being denied equal access to resources to serve the people of North Carolina; and

This is real. The North Carolina House of Representatives is being run by a thug who determines who does what, when, and where. Jim Black, Democrat, does things like remove access to phones, reassign legislators to smaller rooms, and removes office budgets for those who dare disagree with him.

This act is needed, but the idea that it is needed is much worse. Voting Democrats in North Carolina, this guy is on your side. When you vote Democrat, you are voting for a tyrant who rules the state with an iron fist.

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