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The New Blog Showcase is a place where new blogs get showcased -- hence the name. It's a place where people new to the blogosphere can get a little exposure, sometimes in high-profile places and locations. It's fun to host because you get to read those new blogs first and you get to drive traffic to them. Most of the time, those new bloggers really do appreciate the time the host takes to read and link to them.

The New Carnival Showcase needs hosts. Each week I try and find someone to host the showcase, and each week I seem to always get one person to do it. I'm always a willing backup if no one else volunteers.

However, I'm getting ready to go on a well-deserved vacation. During that time I'm going to be drinking camping a lot, and will have little, if any, access to a computer. I will probably never see a computer the entire time I'm gone except at the alcohol grocery store. So I need to line up some hosts.

To host the new blog carnival showcase, you need only to make a post on Monday providing links (and optional commentary) to the blogs that are submitted each week. See the main post for examples of how others have done it in the past.

I need to line hosts up for the next couple weeks early this week to ensure the carnival keeps going! This is a good thing, so please, if you can, volunteer to help out one or two weeks while I'm gone. Just drop me a line at and I'll give you the required information.

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