Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Homespun Symposium XXIV

Bunker Mulligan.

I am quite embarrassed to say it, but I did not know him. This week the Homespun Bloggers are asking, in their weekly Homespun Symposium,

In honor of Mike, who was laid to rest today in his native Texas soil, this week's symposium asks that you reflect on Bunker as you...a fellow blogger knew him, how did he make an impact in your life, and how did he play a part in your blog career?

I am embarrassed because I read so many good things said by so many people regarding his passing. I see in various corners of the blogosphere many people who were heavily influenced by him, and I only now wish I could have known him. I had read his blog only a few times in the past, and only now and I coming to see what I had been missing.

So I guess Mike is now having an influence on me. I have been reading all the tributes to him. I now find myself reading his archives on various different days, learning about him only now, after he is gone. I see what a good man he was and how strongly he influenced so many through his blogging and his blog.

I am sure that he will rest in peace and be sorely missed by all.

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