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Allegedly, "GOP Senators eye raising the social security age." According to the news story, "Key Senate Republicans privately reviewed suggestions ... for raising the Social Security retirement age." Well if it was so private, how is it in the national news media?

Details appear sketchy, but Sen Olympia Snow (R/D/?), concerned only with her own reelection next year, claimed she wanted "broad bipartisan support." Or, in English, cover for herself and her campaign for reelection. It is not known whether she wants real bipartisan support or the Democrat version of bipartisan support.

I've been claiming this is the easy fix for years. When social security was designed, it was not, and it was never intended to be, a personal retirement account. It was supposed to be a safety net for the elderly, infirm, and those who were physically unable to help themselves. I completely support raising the retirement age, even though I don't think there's 5 people in the Senate with the guts to do the right thing and fix it.

What should the age be? If you index the age of retirement to the average lifespan difference between now and when social security was implemented, the age that social security benefits should START should be 81. Yes, really, eighty-one. I not only support the benefit age being raised to 81, they should pass a law that continues to increase the age as lifespan grows. 81. Really.

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