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I was reading the latest massive tax increase to pass the North Carolina House of Aristocrats, and there's something in there that's absolutely huge, yet I've seen absolutely ZERO reporting on it. There's a new class of tax in that bill that's never been in existence in North Carolina before. If this one gets through unchallenged, everything in North Carolina is suddenly going to get astronomically expensive.

Inserted in that bill is a brand-spanking new tax on services. This bill applies the sales tax (highest in the country) to SERVICES. It starts out simple, "only" taxing warranty contracts, maintenance agreements, and repair contracts. However, if this is not immediately opposed, it will only expand.

So now when you get a plumber to unclog your toilet, he will have to charge sales tax. If you buy a warranty on your new TV or new car -- sales tax. The North Carolina Democrats ALL support placing a sales tax on LABOR. Apparently taxing the income of labor isn't enough.

This one really is big, subjects citizens of North Carolina. Please take note. Once again, this brand new tax on SERVICES is brought to you exclusively by Democrats. 100% of the Democrats voted for this new tax. Do you still think they represent your views?

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