Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Monday Carnivals

Two nicely done carnivals for your viewing pleasure this Monday:

First is the Tarheel Tavern. This is a weekly carnival of bloggers from, or sometimes in, North Carolina. This week's host is Billy the Blogging Poet who used aliens as the theme for this week's carnival. It's a good one!

If you're blogging in or about North Carolina, head on over to the Tavern's main site and read about the Tavern. Next week it will be hosted by A Sort of Notebook. You can host, too, if you're in the Turpentine State (NC).

Next up is one of my favorites -- the New Blog Showcase. This is a carnival of new blogs -- less than 3 months old. You can head over and read some new people, give them loads of advice, and then sit back and watch while they...uh... I mean, meet the new people!

This week it is at Common Sense Runs Wild. Go read and comment. Next will it will be hosted by 21st Century Paladin. It's easy to host, and it gets you links and traffic. Read the main site to see how you can host it next!

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