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I'm sure if you were truly interested in news about the Michael Jackson case that you would be somewhere else. I haven't followed this case at all, but I have been attacked with news from it at various times from various locations. News about this case always seems to make the cut with every single radio station, so I hear about it anyway.

What I find most interesting is that this one is not quite as big as the recent California cases. Sure, it's plastered all over the place, but I don't hear anyone talking about this case. With the Peterson case, there were always people talking about it here and there. With this one, it seems forced -- no one wants to know, but the media is going to report it anyway.

The case has gone to trial. This week even the Homespun Bloggers are asking about it. Their question for this week:

What's the verdict going to be? And why?

I guess my answer is that I really don't know. I can't say for sure that I don't care. I know I don't want to care. At the same time, if he is guilty of half the things he's accused of, I feel very sorry for the victims and know that he should be punished and kept away from society forever.

On the other hand, I have heard that the accusers have a history of extortion to try and get cash from anyone who has money. So if he is innocent, then he clearly should not be punished.

So, what's the verdict going to be? I have no idea. I will hope and pray that it is the correct verdit and that the people on the jury will see past the lies that were told during the trial and provide correct judgement. I hope they can see past the celebrity status and see Michael Jackson for whatever he is, and they can correctly render judgement.

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